research projects

One of the best things about being a statistician is the many different subject areas to pursue. My research projects are posted, but if you have time, it’s really my students’ research projects that are worth investigating. I highly recommend working with undergraduates on research as it is among the most fun and rewarding parts of my day.

My areas of expertise include statistical analysis of high-throughput genetic data which don’t conform to technical conditions in standard methods. I work on problems of normalizing data structures, clustering and classifying time course profiles, and creating metrics to measure a variety of signals. I chose to become a statistician because of the myriad potential collaborations across many fields. I have worked with medical doctors, biologists, geologists, and physicists in my research.

Another area of my research focuses on the statistics and data science undergraduate curriculum – making it more modern and more accessible. Through new ventures into data science (both research and teaching), I am currently exploring ways that today’s extensive data (both in scale and in occurrence) are shaping science and the world around us.

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